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As one of the most established, passionate, and knowledgeable multi-sport businesses in the Houston area, we are designed with the athlete and triathlete in mind. We will help you nurture your potential no matter the objective. We believe in effective training. Your time matters to us and so we will utilize that time with proper technique and technology to achieve what you need to efficiently, your results will demonstrate this well. We guarantee the best results in our training as we work with the most advanced, individualized athletes power-based programs.
“Train in our performance center and you will discover that your workout will become more:
Purposeful - Specific - Consistent - Time-efficient – and Fun
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3D Dynamic Bike Fit Analysis


Our Premium 3D Dynamic Bike Fit brings the whole fit process into one fit session. We go through a series of range of motions evaluations, foot analysis, along with a history of ride experiences and goals. We use the latest technology in motion analysis equipment, RETUL (3D Motion Capture), GURU FIT (DFU Generation 2.0) in order to carry out a detailed Kinematic analysis of your cycling position.Combining physical assessment to determine what makes you unique, we use RETUL fitting method for positioning the rider and GURU DFU to optimize the rider to the new position seamlessly. Read More

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2D Dynamic Run Analysis


Our 2D Dynamic Running Analysis methodology evaluate subjects movement patterns in order to assist them in diagnosing pathology, improving running form and/or monitoring interventions such as insoles and footwear changes.
The protocol consist of:
-Use of 2 HD video Cameras.
-Analyze running gait with Darfish software.
-Proper running from education.
-Proper exercise prescription.
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Course Simulation

Training Services

Through the Course Simulation we can maximize the real sensations of any specific route, with the same hills and conditions of resistance that you are seeing on your screen in real time, in a wide variety of bike routes. Our Course Simulation range from complete race day courses to virtual targeted training programs that help achieve specific objectives and help you overcome challenges specific to that course.
These routes depend on the ability of the cyclist to finish the route, so the specific time will depend in how fast they can ride the course. Read More