Our testing Methodology used to evaluate endurance in athletes comes from experience with working with Elite and Sub-Elite athletes in achieving their performance goals, as well as case studies. The testing methods are validated by scientific literature and have been chosen as effective tools to quantify physiological characteristics relevant to competitive cycling and running. From these assessments, we can understand how the body produces energy in order to ensure that the proper energy pathways are being activated for your desired gains.
March 2020
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Accurate System

Slight inaccuracies (the difference is millimeters) can drastically change a rider’s feel after a ride. Our system is accurate within less than millimeter, creating a true objective and data which can be utilized by the fitter for the perfect biomechanics fit. Small adjustments can make a huge difference in alleviating back, knee or neck pain and those adjustments will improve a rider’s performance.

FTP Test

"Functional Threshold Power"

At Ciclocorse Performance Center FTP assessment is a snapshot of your fitness at any point in time. By measuring your fitness and assigning it a number, we can track changes in your fitness over weeks, months, even years. FTP represent the power (watts) that you could maintain for about an hour, and it’s the single metric we use to scale each of your workout in our share quest to keep your fitness growing.

SmO2 Test

"Moxy Oxygenation"

At Ciclocorse Performance Center we uses Moxy Monitor to assess athletes, guide their training, and sharpen their performance during competition. It helps us identify optimal training intensity zones and to provide feedback on the physiologic system limited.
Moxy Monitor is a small, wearable sensor that utilizes infrared light to continuously monitor oxygen saturation (SmO2) levels in the muscles of athletes while they exercise. It is designed to measure the percentage of hemoglobin-and- myoglobin- carrying oxygen in the capillaries and cells of muscle tissue, where oxygen is consumed to produce energy

IMT Test

"Inspiratory Muscle Training"

IMT assessment begins with a test followed by a 20 breath session using our Powerbreath K5 and breathlink software. The next step is an explanation of what the recorded data means and how you can improve it- time to start training! At Ciclocorse Performance Center uses IMT training with our athletes with great success. It’s not a question of whether or not training actually works, the question is if you are willing to take the time to do it!
The respiratory muscles need to be trained because during exercise the body’s demand for oxygen increases and our breathing volume or ventilation must also rise to cope with the oxygen increase. Studies have shown that regular IMT can increase a person’s endurance during cardiovascular exercise or sport activities such as running and cycling.

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MAF Test

"Maximum Aerobic Function"

MAF Test Consist of measuring an athlete's workout while maintaining a sub-max heart rate. (the sub–max heart rate correspond with low-to moderate intensity training).
MAF Test Assessment Is a way to measure aerobic Progress. This test tries to detect whether your recent training has damaged your level of aerobic fitness and through this provide an early indication of problems with your training.

AIS Power Profile Test

"Power Profile Test"

Ais Power Profile has devised a test that basically replicates the demands of competition by measuring maximum efforts for fixed time periods. Once they know the athlete’s power profile they can help us prescribe an interval set or a competition effort review. What we want to do with the data collected from each of the intervals isto prescribe the appropriate training . Training the various zones will result in different adaptations to the body and therefore prepare you better for competition.

Course Simulation


Are you a triathlete having a race soon and need to be familiar with the bike course? We have the course simulation for you! Train with the same hills and resistance conditions you're watching on your screen in complete real time, on a large variety of bike courses. Our video packages range from full race day courses to virtual coached training programs – we have New Ironman Texas (2018), Oilman, New Ironman 70.3 Austin, Tour De France courses and more...