Are you a Coach? Are you affiliate to any athletes group?

If so, this program is for you to help your athletes train in a safe environment, unlocking their full potential.

Coach Affiliation Program details:
• Use our facility to train your athletes remotely or on- site.
• Time and classes can be customized according to the requirements of each coach.
• Coaches can bring their own training programs and these can be reproduced almost exactly in our training systems to achieve it as close as possible.
• Can make their athletes test levels and fitness levels Quantified with Regular Performance Testing. • Our experience demonstrated that athletes ride harder and more consistently in a group environment than they Do on Their Own.
• Our experience demonstrated Consistent training = the most effective training.

We guarantee your athlete will use their time in a more efficient way.
A 90 minute Program at computrainers would be equivalent to 2 hours or more of on-the-road focused riding.

Exclusive for club or coaches

An excellent choice for clubs and coaches looking to optimize their athletes training on their bike. How can Ciclocorse Performance Center be a tool for coaches or club?

Single Ride Session

Single ride Session 10 Riders (1 Hour)
• Include professional setup and takedowns
• Up 10 riders

Monthly Session 1

Monthly Session 1 (one time a week) 1 hour/ride, 4 rides/month
• Include professional setup and takedowns
• Up 10 riders

Monthly Session 2

Monthly Session 2 (Two time a week) 2 hour/ride, 8 rides/month
• Include professional setup and take downs
• Up 10 riders



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An excellent choice for clubs and/or coaches for any seminar or practical conference associate to the sport industry.