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Real time in hills & resistance

Train with the same hills and resistance conditions you're watching on your screen in complete real time, on a large variety of bike courses. Our video packages range from full race day courses to virtual coached training programs, both helping to target specific goals and get you through performance plateaus. These routes depends on the cyclist ability to finish the route, so the specific time will depend on how fast they can ride the course.
New Ironman Texas (2018),
Oilman 2017,
New Ironman 70.3 Austin 2017,
Tour de France courses and more are available,
if you need some specific course race, let us know and we can have it ready for your next training session.

Cost $30 first hour/$7 additional hours.


• Ergvideos
• Real Courses Simulation
• Customized Programs.
March 2020
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"Our performance method leverage the same scientific principles used by high performance athletes."

20 min. test that measures the power associated with your Sprint and Endurance ability. This test gives us the insights we need to calibrate your program to you.
This is the average power you can hold during a 1 hr time trial, and it´s a good predictor of your endurance ability.
Is the highest average power that a cyclist can maintain before the energy systems switch over less efficient method.
Stands for a physical amount of anaerobic energy every individual has available to them above Critical Power
Provides athletes and coaches a metric to compare riders of different body composition to one another, as well as understand how effective an athlete’s training is for the demands of a specific ride or race. There are several ways to improve your W/kg once you understand how to train it and why you should train it.
It is designed to measure the percentage of hemoglobin-and-myoglobin-carrying oxygen in the capillaries and cells of muscle tissue, where oxygen is consumed to produce energy. It helps identify optimal training intensity zones and provides feedback on the physiologic systems limiting performance.
60 min. that hover around your FTP. These sessions improve fatigue resistance at your FTP, and enhance it.
Sequences of short work and recovery periods. The target of these sessions is higher power outputs to develop fatigue resistance and aerobic capacity.
10-20 min. intervals bellow your threshold power. Ideal for long distance.
4-6 min intervals holding your peak power output. Raises VO2 max. Significantly and increases power output by 5-6%.