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IMT (Inspiratory Muscle Training)


  • Muscle Oxygenation Zones.
  • Identify the Athletes physiologic limiter.
  • Precision guidance of High Intensity Interval training.
  • Manage Recovery Intensity.
  • Calibration of the Athletes RPE.
  • There is 2 options for IMT: Consult & Evaluation or Training Package (IMT consult, evaluation, Power-breathe Plus training unit, and 3 follow up assessments.).
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An IMT training session is the perfect way to establish your baseline and start an IMT program. We begin with a test followed by a 20 breathe session using our Powerbreathe K5 and breathlink software followed. The next step is an explanation of what the recorded data means and how you can improve it over time and then it’s time to start training!


  • Expiration is normally passive (only during heavy exercise workloads does it become forced.)
  • Inspiratory muscles play a vital role in the efficiency of breathing at rest and also during exercise.
  • The strength of the inspiratory muscles reduce with age (men 25+, women 35+), although fitter individuals may not notice until approximately 45-years of age.
  • Weaker inspiratory muscles are usually highlighted with breathlessness, especially in the elderly.
  • At rest we use as little as 8-12 litres of air per minute.
    During exercise this can raise to as much as 150 litres per minute and for elite male athletes even up to 240 litres per minute.


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