SmO2 Test



  • Muscle Oxygenation Zones.
  • Identify the Athletes physiologic limiter.
  • Precision guidance of High Intensity Interval training.
  • Manage Recovery Intensity.
  • Calibration of the Athletes RPE.

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The testing protocol is a 5 x 1-5 incremental step test using a Power Meter and the Moxy sensor. We start the test with a load of 45% of FTP for 5 minutes rest 1 minutes and increase 15% every 5 minutes until failure to hold that load. This test is a physiologic assessment that


During your training session, muscle glycogen and glucose are continuously broken down to make ATP. To get ATP in large quantities, your muscle have these structures called mitochondria where they generate energy for the cell, in the form of ATP. Thought the transformation of oxygen to working muscle your mitochondria use O2 to convert macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and/ or proteins) into ATP. We call this process aerobic metabolism.
The circulatory system provides the muscle with arterial blood (red) that is saturated with oxygen. In order to function, the muscle tissue uses the oxygen and leave the blood less oxygenated. The veins (blue) transport the blood back the lunges where it is saturated with oxygen again.
When the oxygen supply of the muscle is sufficient, the muscle work in the so-called aerobic zone: at this point, metabolic process is functioning at their respective optimum, muscle tissues grow large and the performance is enhanced. However, if the energy requirement of the muscle tissue surges due to an increasing strain without a rise in oxygenation levels, cellular processes reach the anaerobic zone. During this energy turn over, lactate and hydrogen ions are produced that lead to a reduction of the PH value of the blood. The body over acidifies and the physical performance cannot be sustained. The muscle get tired rapidly and the activity would need to be stopped.
For that reason, the continuous monitoring of the muscle oxygenation is of great importance for an effective training strategy. To achieve maximum efficiency during a training session, the workout crossing the live into anaerobic processes. That’s why at Ciclcocorse Performance Center we design your training protocols by optimizing the development of the aerobic and anaerobic system.

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