Our programs make a difference in your performance


Scientific Approach To Training

We are a power based training center. Our sessions are based on training video profiles and custom training profiles that simulate real ride. All of our data can be compared to any real ride so you can compare wattage, cadence and time in the saddle to any of your rides outside. Our coaches can also undertake physiological testing to help you measure improvements over time using markers as used by Pro athletes (FTP, Power profiles, W', W/Kg, Smo2, Critical Power) We send you all of your ride data after every session.
Our Technical Approach To Training

Workouts are held in a group setting, but are individually tailored and adjusted to fit your abilities and experience level. The ability to train on your own bike adds to the realism and comfort level, as well as learning how to position yourself, shift properly and pedal more smoothly. Ciclocorse will send you all of your ride data after every session. We can also automatically upload your sessions to your Strava or Training Peaks account.

Ciclocorse Performance Center has been designed to provide you with the experience of an outdoor bike in a safe, all weather environments, giving you the ability to train hard with highly technical training programs that will help improve your rides on the road and race times dramatically.

With our structured high-intensity interval workouts, every single one has a specific purpose. Whether you want to improve endurance, climbing, sprinting, speed or power in your sport, we have the session for you.

All of our training sessions include The Sufferfest Videos, Ergvideos, Real Course Simulation and Customized programs. This Coaching Program is customized to you.

Maximize every bike session, and help yourself achieve all of your race and fitness goals.
If you have a particular event in mind or simply want more structure in your training, we can help. Follow our programs, and you’re guaranteed to improve your power by 5-6% in just 12 weeks.

"Our performance method leverage the same scientific principles used by high performance athletes."
Every class at Ciclocorse Performance Center is performed on CompuTrainers; using your own bike to give you real feeling of the outdoors. Helping you improve your posture on the bike and the correct development of muscle memory, by improving your cadence and your pedal stroke.

Our focus is very specific and guarantees the best result in your training we focus in four specific principles:
• Power based ridding is the most efficient way to training on a bike.
• People ride harder and more consistently in a group environment than they do on their own.
• Athlete’s fitness levels can be quantified with regular performance.
Consistent train = the most efficient training.
Road Biking Experience Indoors from beginner to Pro athlete, we help riders of all levels learn to utilize power based training to get quick result. Our programs are the same session that the Pros ride enabling you to push yourself to your limit but also know that you are improving with every visit.
With Expert Coach you are always supervised by experienced coaches and athletes who place your performance first.

The Sufferfest

Training Tools

Every aspect of The Sufferfest is grounded in the latest advances in sport science. Here at Ciclocorse Performance Center we seek to incorporate it into our training and plan the most advanced physical training resources based on solid research, tested in real conditions and proven in the biggest races in the sport. We are serious about the effective training, for us the use of The Sufferfest videos as one of our tools for our training programs guarantees a progressive development to effectively build your fitness with a minimum volume of time.


Training Tools

Ergvideo is about modern, effective, power-based training with incredible visuals to keep you motivated. With Ergvideo we can focus on early-training phase workouts, focusing on threshold power development , tempo riding, low cadence strength building, fast pedal drills as well as some anaerobic work.

We can also implement training sessions designed to improve your threshold power and climbing ability.

Course Simulation

Training Tools

Through the Course Simulation we can maximize the real sensations of any specific route, with the same hills and conditions of resistance that you are seeing on your screen in real time, in a wide variety of bike routes. Our Course Simulation range from complete race day courses to virtual targeted training programs that help achieve specific objectives and help you overcome challenges specific to that course.

These routes depend on the ability of the cyclist to finish the route, so the specific time will depend in how fast they can ride the course.

Our Performance Training Coaching Strategy

Our coaching program is customized for you. Maximized every bike session, and help you achieve all your race and fitness goals. All of our training sessions include the Sufferfest Videos, Ergvideos, Real Course Simulation and customized programs. This sessions are led by professionally certified coaches who blend the science of the sport with fun and fitness, ensuring that you get the most out of your time on the bike and helping our athletes of all levels unlock their potential.

In our Studio you can train with the same hill and the resistance conditions you're watching on your screen in complete real time, on a large variety of bike courses. Our video packages range from full race day courses to virtual coached training program, both helping to target specific goals and get you through performance plateaus.

These videos motivate you to push further than you thought possible, widely known as the best cycling training videos in the world. High-intensity interval workouts designed by world-class coaches, amazing music, clear instructions and official footage from the Tour de France, World Championships and more.