Basic Tune $69.00
• Safety Check (hardware/frame/wheel)
• Brakes adjustment
• Shifters adjustment (Cables & drive train lubed (on bike))
• Tires pressured
• Wheel inspection and adjustment
• Bike wash and Clean (Frame detailed)
Race-ready Tune $130.00
• Includes all "Basic Tune" items +:
• Drive-train/components detailed (off bike)
• Bottom bracket removed and re-greased
• New components, cables, housing, tires, tubes and accessories from Ciclocorse installed at half price.
Pro Tune Up $225.00
• Includes the "Race-ready tune" items +:
• Complete breakdown to the frame
• Clean every component
• New cables and housings installed free
• True wheels on truing stand
• New components/tires/tubes/and accessories from Ciclocorse installed free.
• Cartridge Bottom Bracket install
• Chain install
• Cassette/freewheel/cog install
• Chain ring install
• Bottom Bracket install
• Crank install
• Bottom Bracket overhaul
• Cable install
• Basic adjustment/rotor true
• Brake set install
• Disc bleed
• Singlespeed/fixed
• Geared
• Road
• TT/Tri
• Stem install
• Steer tube cut
• Handlebar wrap
• Cut Handlebar
• Flat bar install
• Aero bar install
• Headset adjust
• Headset install
• Fork install
• Road bar install
• Derailleur cable install
• Shifter cleaning (per side)
• MTB shifter install
• Basic derailleur adjustment
• Derailleur housing/cable install
• Rear derailleur hanger alignment
• Derailleur install
• MTB shifter set install
• Road shifter set install
• Flat repair/install
• Hub adjustment Front / Rear
• Wheel true
• Hub overhaul Front / Rear
• Spoke install
• Tubeless tire/sealant install
• Wheel build (traditional)
• Tubular tire install New
• Wireless computer install
• Wired computer install
• Bike Setup, Pack and box for shipping
• Seat tube cut (rounded)
• Seat tube cut (shaped)
• Frame seat post cut (Bike fit)
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Athletes Programs


"Our performance method leverage the same scientific principles used by high performance athletes."

20 min. test that measures the power associated with your Sprint and Endurance ability. This test gives us the insights we need to calibrate your program to you.
This is the average power you can hold during a 1 hr time trial, and it´s a good predictor of your endurance ability.
Is the highest average power that a cyclist can maintain before the energy systems switch over less efficient method.
Stands for a physical amount of anaerobic energy every individual has available to them above Critical Power
Provides athletes and coaches a metric to compare riders of different body composition to one another, as well as understand how effective an athlete’s training is for the demands of a specific ride or race. There are several ways to improve your W/kg once you understand how to train it and why you should train it.
It is designed to measure the percentage of hemoglobin-and-myoglobin-carrying oxygen in the capillaries and cells of muscle tissue, where oxygen is consumed to produce energy. It helps identify optimal training intensity zones and provides feedback on the physiologic systems limiting performance.
60 min. that hover around your FTP. These sessions improve fatigue resistance at your FTP, and enhance it.
Sequences of short work and recovery periods. The target of these sessions is higher power outputs to develop fatigue resistance and aerobic capacity.
10-20 min. intervals bellow your threshold power. Ideal for long distance.
4-6 min intervals holding your peak power output. Raises VO2 max. Significantly and increases power output by 5-6%.